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My Week

For college I had to do a "Time and Motion Study" where I recorded everything I did for the past week. I think the results were a little skewed because I had a day off work, and two days sick all up. But I thought it was interesting. This is what I found:

Sleep: 44 Hours 15 minutes
Work: 37h (with one day off sick)
Leisure: 47h 20m (with two sick days)
Driving: 7h 20m
Meetings: 7h 30m
Watching Movies or DVDs: 8h 30m
Watching TV: 3h
Fiddling on the computer: 14h 30m
Just talking to people (eg not while eating lunch or washing up): 11h 35m
Talking to Helen: 3h 35m
Phone Calls: 4h
Planning Ministry: 5h 20m
Organised Ministry with Young People (not including "chats"): 7h 20m
College Work: 3h
Pub: 2h 50m
McDonald’s: 1h 30m
Food Court: 2h 20