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I just finished watching Lost in La Mancha and I loved it. Very depressing. It's a documentary about the making of a film that never got finished.

I love films about making films. I think they are my most consistently favourite films. If there's any genre of film that doesn't disappoint me, it's documentaries about films being made. I love film making. I love film sets. I love lights. I love dollys, stedicams, actors, scripts, costumes, props, foley, producers, trailers, big white trucks, video playback systems, lenses, film, clapper boards, booms, story boards, test screenings, editing suites, craft services, and all the rest. Fantastic.

Yeah Baby!

I'm always inspired to make films after watching a film like that. Even if the film was an unmitigated disaster.

I have this idea for a feature film that's been floating around my head for a few years now. I wonder if I'll ever get it on paper. And then after that? Who knows.

Perhaps one day I'll take long service leave (I'll have to do long service first), find some rich Christians who I have met over the years and make the feature film. It'll be an independent feature that gets picked up by some obscure distributor and never makes its money back. But a few people will watch it (who aren't my mother) and they'll say "Yeah, that was alright" and I will have fulfilled my dream. I will be able to come back to work after my holidays and feel good. Even better than if I went on a road trip to Adelaide.

Problem is, at this stage, the film isn't looking like it'll be all that funny. And, well, that's a shame.