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I have decided to do some video work for the next hour or so. But I have to wait for the cd to finish before I can start work. I have to log into a different windows and I would have to stop mid song. That would be horrific. So I figured I'd blog while I wait.

Although I figure it's one of those times when I have nothing much to say.

I have been wondering a lot about what point you can break the law. Romans 13 is pretty clear that we should obey the law. As is Titus 3:1. Is it as easy as saying "I'll obey but as soon as it is contradictory to God's word, I'll break it." And if it is the case, how do you break it? What's the best way to go about breaking un-just laws? Like should I go and break all the asylum seekers out of detention because I think they are laws contrary to what we see in God's word. I don't think God would lock up refugees. But should we actively work against those laws illegally? Or only if the opportunity to break them comes up, should we take it? Or seeing as we live in a country where we should have avenues open to us to change the law, should we only do that?

Perhaps it's as simple as I think it is. Because it seems to have become a lot simpler in the last few weeks. But sadly, I'm not sure.

Daniel broke the law and so did Paul. God often escaped Paul out of gaol and Paul had the good sense not to turn himself back in. I wonder what we do with that. Was Paul obeying his earthly authorities?

Did Jesus break the law by coming back to life after they killed Him? That's as bad as breaking out of gaol but worse I reckon.