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I haven't really talked about well...stuff.

I went and saw Van Helsing last Monday (not yesterday). It was worth filling up two hours with, but little more. I watched it by myself and that was a good experience. I had coffee with Mum after that. We sat in Starbucks and covered all the topics mothers like to cover.

Yesterday I had lunch with Ryan in a funny little noodle place. The food was cold, but I have a soft spot for Asian food places. Last night a few of us went to Blu and that was very nice. I love a good sit around and have a chat experience.

Today I managed to try and work on my Bible study and still not get it done. I think I've been working on it for almost 2 weeks now. Grr. I have to have it done by tomorrow damn thing.

Anmol visited me at work for lunch. That was nice. We had a good chat.

I went out for coffee (actually Fanta at Macca's) with Sal F. We had good times. I've never really sat down with just Sal before and had a chat, so that was quality.

Small group tonight was challenging I think. I'm still trying to work out the obedience to the government thing. I'm wrestling with the social activist inside me that wants to get out, and the Biblical person who tells the social activist to behave some of the time. Usually they seem to go hand-in-hand. We have too many socially inactive Christians (me one of them) but when it comes to obeying the government...well... it all gets tricky.