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Boys in the Mist

Boys in the Mist

Last night after small groups I was driving home and I noticed that the oval was covered in mist. Spying a good photo opotunity I parked and went to the oval to see if I could capture the atmosphere. It was hard because there wasn't much light I didn't have any sort of "pod" to rest the camera on. But I got a few good shots.

There were some boys playing on the oval over the other side. They looked good but they were way too far away for me to photograph. But just as I was walking back to the car they came over my side. I turned around and there they were crouching in the mist. So I took the photo hoping it didn't look dodgy, some random guy taking photos of boys on the oval. But I thought it would turn out well.

The photos were blurry, but when you reduce the size you can't really tell.