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I never did a single thing that did a single thing
To change the ugly ways of the world
- Dave Matthews Band

I am done now.

I spent all day stressing about the sermon. I had to do a kids talk in the morning which was for a college assessment. Unfortunately I couldn't get it filmed so I did the talk, but I can't get it assessed.

After drama I spent my day in my office writing.

Then it was youth group time. Youth group numbers were back up again tonight. It was good to see lots of the kids there. For some reason we seem to get heaps of the girls and very few of the guys. I guess that's just the general way things at church.

Cafe Church started and I hadn't gone through the sermon once. I spent the whole service wondering whether it would be better to read from my notes or to just wing it. In the end I didn't look at my notes at all. I figured I would be lost either way.

I got up, I talked, I can't remember what I did, I did the "call", and sat down. I'm glad it's over, I didn't feel that good about it. Lots of people assured me that it was good, but I didn't really take it on board. I seemed to get more positive comments than usual. I think that worried me, I felt like everyone could see that I wasn't all that happy (I know some people could), and so they were all coming up to me and telling me it was good.

Anyway I could write for hours about how I felt, but it's probably not all that useful.

After church we went and saw Troy which made me feel good. The film wasn't all that good. There were a lot of buff male bodies running around. Lots of shots of Brad Pitt in various stages of undress, and lots of silly fighting. But even if the film wasn't very good, I had a good time. It was good to sit in a cinema with a bunch of nice people and look at a screen. I had fun, and I needed to do something like that, stop me from feeling sorry for myself.

If I can sum up though, I think I did the right thing, I think the talk went fine, and I think God did stuff. Lucky God's bigger than my feelings.