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I'm so tired. Darn it.

I fell asleep about four times in church tonight. I am quite tired now, but well, not enough to stop me from blogging.

There were lots of Ethiopian visitors at church today and it was great. There were one part where a man from the church got up to say a few words. He talked about our unity in Christ and our membership of the body of Christ and I almost cried. I felt the body and it was beautiful.

Take that quote out of context:

"I felt the body and it was beautiful." - Tom

I cooked a barbie at Sharon's house. I think I had fun, but I'm a little scared of barbecues. I don't think I'm up to that task. Isn't there any one with more testosterone around who can manage the tongs, sausages and fire? I'm just a boy, don't give my your kebabs and hotplate.

I really like people who aren't white. It makes the world much more interesting to look at. I think that's quite racist, but perhaps a positive and shallow racism. Although I don't care what colour I am, or my friends, or anyone really. I just think it's useful having people who look different around. I have more fun.

We went to the beach with the youth group and some of the visitors. It was great fun. I love the young guys. Really, they are one of the highlights of my life. How lucky am I? I'm way too old for youth group but I get to go every week.

I wonder if that sounds patronising? I hope not. I really enjoy spending time with teenagers. They are lots of fun and I get to play and have a laugh. And they always seem a lot more earnest than older people.

Tonight I have talked to my mum a lot. That was after church and maccas.

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