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I have now managed to acquire a new triple chip digital video camera. The joys of having money is you can spend it. The man in the shop asked me if I was going to become a professional film maker. I said "No".

We had a prayer meeting this morning at church. It was very good. We prayed for the local high school. Exciting stuff me thinks.

Yesterday I took a lot of photos of the Harbour Bridge. I did it because it's probably the most famous bridge in the world and most people can't travel half an hour to get to it. It is a fine looking bridge.

I spent hours in the city, getting its vibe. I didn't go to Hyde Park at all, but the city and I, we're friends. I made a few friends too.

Plus I had fun on Wednesday night. The pub was good and Jack's was exciting. Actually I think it was the people the made it good. They're both pretty boring without the people. Although there were plenty of people at the pub to have kept me interested for a few hours anyway maybe.

Ryan and I's obstacle course was very fun and now I'm covered in bruises and carpet burn. Fantastic.