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So here I am blogging in Westfield. My first time ever. It's a wonderful experience. Except this keyboard seems to have a two for one offer on and I'm hitting twice as many keys as I want to.

That was a little joke.

There's a crazy kid just down the isle from us singing very loudly.

Yesterday was like the fat day to the fatness. I managed to find my day full to the brim with meetings. And a little bit of lunch time group. I really wanted to make a phone call or two, but alas, it wasn't to be.

We went out (some youth leaders and I) and had pizza at a pizza shop. That was good fun. They're all lovely people them leaders. I would regal this blog with exciting stories of the night but I have none.

Actually, there was a wait person at the coffee place we visited later in the night, who looked like a girl from high school I think. I was going to ask her if I knew her, but I managed to piss her off when I built a tower out of salt and pepper shakers and it fell over. So I was too scared to talk to her for the rest of the night.

Today I had some meetings. Matt (should I still link to him?) and I met and had coffee to discuss film making. It was productive and we used words that sounded like we knew what we were talking about. Maybe Matt does. You never know with him, he can pull all sorts of things out of the hat.

Then it was off to a another meeting where Helen and Sal joined us and we continued to talk creatively. I'm looking forward to making another film. I'll get to direct yay. Matt's writing so for the first time I get to direct someone else's work. Oh dear. Maybe I'll have to do some "growing" as a director. I'm too old to grow.

I had some chips in the park with lovely people. I think there were five of us, but I can't bothered to name them all. I'm a little sick of the URL button.

Tonight we went to see Thunderstuck. That was funny. There was some bad "Australian film" moments, but over all I enjoyed it. How cool are AC/DC?

Now, I'm here. Core gaming. Everyone wants to eat so I should leave. I wonder what there is to eat in this town?