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Sometimes John Mayer doesn't strike me as a very nice person. I like listening to his music but Ryan will often point out to me something about his lyrics that he thinks is a little dodgy. And then I listen and I think "Yeah, that's dodgy." Take Comfortable for instance. He spends the whole time singing about his ex and comparing her to his current girlfriend. Where's the respect? Basically he's saying he's sleeping with a Bible believing girl* who can't tell the difference between "Miles and Coltrane" while dreaming of his ex-girlfriend.

And then Ryan pointed out Back to Bed which I thought was just fine. But really he's just saying "Oi, forget about your problems, I'm dependent on you, get back in bed." Well, sister, you should say "Grow some independence, I'll come to bed but you're sleeping on the couch."

But he makes good music. And I think his lyrics are real. And even if he does act like a cad, don't we all? So I'll allow him to be an idiot, because I'm one too and that makes it all the easier to sing along.

*Sleeping with a Bible believing girl does also make me wonder if he's encouraged her to compromise her beliefs about sex before marriage, but I doubt it. I think it's just John not knowing what it means to be a Bible believing girl, or the girl doesn't believe that bit of the Bible. Or she does but John's just so damn hot...