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What an exciting morning I had.

Today I have to send Rob's camera to Uluru. I decided that I should charge his new battery for him. I put the battery in the camera to see if it had any juice in it, which it didn't, then proceeded to take it out. But it wouldn't come out. The battery comes out of the camera via a spring action or somthing. This battery though we slightly the wrong shape and wouldn't come out. That's a bugger. One doesn't feel like getting a dead battery stuck in a camera. I renders everything useless.

So I went to work. It took me the better part of an hour to get that battery out (I had a shower and a chat to mum in between). I think I would have voided the camera's warranty (if it had one) but I figured this was an emergency. Now though, the camera is back to normal. The original battery is working fine. The new battery is going back to the shop with a request for $135 back.

I was a little worried there that the camera may have been lost for good (or at least untill we gave it to a fixit man) but luckly I came first in the state in Media Studies, so I'm very smart.