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I don't really have too much to say. I think Col Jackman may have visited my blog today. He visited Howie's. It's a little strange. I never would have thought my old Geography teacher would be visiting my blog and reading about my life. He was a good geography teacher. Miss Bakewell was good too, but really scary. Col was only scary when he threatened to beat me up. But he never beat me up. And it was all in good fun.

I never wrote very good essays in geography. We had to write one a week. In my HSC Geography exam I drew a diagram of a Rhino at the Sydney Olympics. I don't think that I would have got very good marks for that.

I did well in Media Studies though. I worked there. Handed in everything. Other people would sit around the classroom talking but Rob and I would work hard. We loved our video. Still do.

When I went to this Evening of Performing Arts the other night, I was amazed. It was really professional. In a post theatre, the music sounded good, the dancers wore a lot more clothes than the St Ives dancers did. People didn't talk all the way through it, and I didn't get bored. It was High School performance done well.

There was no video though.

So there you go. There are my reflections about High School. I'm glad I did it. I said to Priscilla the other night that I feel like I'll have to go back to school soon. Like I've been on holidays for 3 years but I'm going to have to go back and start a new term. I think it's an extension of those dreams where they make you go back to school and you get angry at the teachers and kick them in the shins.

Anyway, just to finish up, Col was a good teacher. If I ever think about becoming a teacher (I do that very rarely) I think I'd be like Mr Jackman. But I wouldn't teach Geography (that's ok, I don't think he'd want to teach scripture). And I wouldn't push televisions down the stairs.