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My house is a little crazy. Tonight at dinner I was sitting on a wheely chair so I often felt the urge to propel myself across the living room at great speed. These impulses I usually obeyed. Tinku spent all dinner stealing Mum's water and Jo stole Tinku's food. We all talked about our days. It took Dad a long time to get through his day because we were all being silly. Near the end of the meal I got the urge to pretend I was sitting on a dolly and found myself filming dolly shots on my wheely chair with my hands as the viewfinder.

After dinner we had a prayer time around the table where Robert and I giggled a lot. After the prayer time Robert and I started making strange noises, like machines. Mum joined in. Jo followed, as did Dad. Tinku was perplexed. Mum got up from the table to demonstrate the machine game properly. We all joined in. So I found myself tonight in the middle of the living room making machine noises and movements and forming a human machine with the rest of my household. It's usually a theatre sports game, but tonight it was a bit of after dinner entertainment. Tassa jumped around at our feet and joined in.