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Well yesterday, again.

Yesterday was a good day. I got up at the appalingly early hour of 8am (got up at 7am today, terrible). Did my morning thing. Didn't have breakfast. Planned a workshop. Drove to church. At church I met Helen with Rob's camera and a dodgy old tripod and we discussed what we were going to do in the workshop that was starting in 15 minutes. We were workshoping so that we could fill roles for The Opposite of Being Self-Centred video.

We had five people turn up, Matt, Jill, Sal, Lauren and Delle (Isn't it as shame not one of them have a blog, how am I meant to make my posts colourful?). I had never met Delle before. She seemed like a nice person. We got them to play Soundball and Aliteration Alistair as warm ups. Aliteration Alistair was a game I made up while lying in bed awake the night before (as I'm back in the habit of doing). It was ok. Could be tweaked a bit. We followed this by making them mime to various pop songs to see how they looked as pop stars. They were quite funny. We all had a good laugh. Ho Ho Ho.

Then we workshoping the first scene of the script. It was good seeing something I had written happening. I like that feeling. Especially when it works and starts to take on a reality of its own, if I can sound wanky for a second. We swaped characters around and changed the scenes situationally (environmentaly, relationally and emotionally) each time. It made it interesting to see how each change changed the scene and how each actor adopted the changes into their behaviour.

The last task of the day was to send them off for ten minutes alone with the last scene of the film. The scene is a funeral scene and we gave them the eulogy to do. They all did very well. I was impressed at how brave they were. They it would be scary to play that scene. But they went there and that was good. I was glad that no-one started crying or I would have felt very awkward. It was good to see different people's take on the same scene. Some people came at it from emotionally different angles others and that was good to see.

Anyway, the workshop was lots of fun, and we now have lots of good stuff to work with. It's nice directing again. I have missed it. I'm hoping I don't have another Pure Joy on my hands.

Following this Jo met me at church and we headed off to Hornsby for David's party. We had some people come around to watch the video. There was mildly cold Coke to drink. The video went ok. It wasn't as good as I would have liked. I would have liked to have tightened it up a bit. Maybe people would have laughed more. Maybe spent more time on the "Acting with David" segment. That could have been better. But it wasn't bad. I think David liked it. We had a lot of footage for such an elusive fella. Robert will be easier.

We headed to the city by train and I reversed into a carpark at the station, before we caught the train. (There's a badly constructed sentence) In the city we watched The Hulk. It was alright. It had some good transitions, I liked the way they went for the comic book feel. Maybe there were too many of the transitions. The movie was a bit long and I go bored. The Hulk was good looking I think though. Ang Lee made it very serious.

We went to Bar Reggio in Darlinghurst. Hung out with lovely people. Jo and I tied Tinku's shoes to our chairs. He didn't mind untill I put the garlic bread up his trouser leg. Then he had a very noisy, and quite funny reaction. Ha ha. Ha.

Robert and Chris pretened to be all friendly with me, but were setting up to tie my legs around the table. They dogged me. I was a little stuck and everyone had a good laugh. It was only when my lovely sister came along that she saved me. We had fun at Bar Reggio. It was good of David to turn 21. Yay for David. He's a good bloke.

When I got home I went to bed. Hannah's bed because Robert was editing in my room. Hannah's bed was very uncomfortable, very soft and saggy. I didn't sleep. After an hour of rolling around and getting nowhere, not that anyone every really gets anywhere in a bed (except that's how most of us got here), I moved to the floor on a crappy little fabric covered foam mat. From there I slept un-soundly, but at least it was sleep.