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Ryan slammed me for my treatment of the theatre flirt. I'm not fully sure of his tone of voice at the time of writing, but that doesn't really matter. He was being a bit silly, but I'm sure he doesn't approve.

I wonder what makes an awkward relater. I think I am an awkward relater. Maybe that guy was also an awkward relater. Perhaps I laugh because I am at the opposite end of the spectrum when dealing with girls. This guy was fully full on. I'm the opposite. I try and make sure that they have no indication that I like them in case I scare them and then never see them again because they are avoiding me. It makes for a very un-flirtatious life. In fact perhaps even anti-flirtatious. When I find someone I like I think I often get rid of a few of life's general courtesies (like greetings) for fear of being found out. I am also known to avoid the person while at the same time trying to run into them, because I am so torn between fear and attraction.

So, I admire the theatre flirt. I woudn't mind a bit of his courage I guess. Not too much though. I wouldn't want myself ridculed on my blog. I guess it's kinda ironic that someone as inept as me laughs at someone else's ineptness, but probably someone not nearly as inept as I. I am smug and comfortable in my asexual presentation to the world.

Except of course when it means I am never getting anywhere near the person I like. Then I am smug and comfortable and frustrated and that's a really bad state to be in.