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So funny. Everyone has started discussing my love life. Howie and Ryan have both made announcments. James has offered me some very fatherly advice. Well I assume it's for me. All because of this post.

Howie has also engaged in sms conversations with my friends telling them I'm in love. I'm refusing to discuss how I'm feeling because anything I say, including this post, will probably incriminate me. I have chosen not to discuss anything. If I ever feel like discussing things, I'll do it with the people I want to, when I want to. That's very selfish of me. But really I don't mind people discussing my feelings. As long as it doesn't stuff up relationships, like make people awkward. That usually happens when people start using names. Other than that, it's everyone's favourite past time, a bit of gossip, a bit of fun.

I guess I haven't done very well with my "asexual presentation".