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Today when I was on my way to the college working bee (I was running an hour later than I'd planned, two hours late for the working bee) I was sitting on Central Station. There were two trains before mine was due. I was sitting in my chair near the lifts. There was a Japanise man sitting on the bench next to mine. I was waiting and I heard this low humming noise. As I listened to the nosie it started to get louder an higher pitched. It was coming from the direction of the lifts. Everyone started looking at the lifts. Some people started moving away from them. While I was watching the lifts incase they blew up or something I felt a poke in my arm. I turned around and saw that the Japanise man had poked me.

"Do you know what that noise is?" he asked.

"No, I have no idea"

He looked concerned, "September 11th" he said pointing at the lift.

"No I don't think it'll be September 11th" I said

"No, no, September 11th" he insisted.

"No, I think will be alright. I don't think we'll get attacked."


"No. We'll be alright"

"Oh ok. My train is coming soon. I have to go to Rockdale" He said as a train pulled into the station. "Should I catch this one?"

I checked the indicator board "Yeah that'll be fine."

"What about the next one?" asked the man

"I think you'll be ok with this one" I said.

So the man hopped on the train. The train after it was a Millenium. I have never caught a Millenium. It wasn't my train but I caught it anyway so I could see what a Millenium was like. I was very excited. I caught it all the way to Hurstville. It was less comfy than the Tangaras but more spacious and had better lighting. The woman who announced the stations coming up (I only heard her once) seemed to be very excited about arriving at Rockdale. It was the most excited recorded voice I've heard in a while. It was good to catch the train but I don't feel the need to catch another one. I'll catch it if it's mine, not because it's special.

Update for those who are worried about what happened to the lift. The noise stopped and it didn't blow up. You can rest peacfully now.