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Sunday, eh?

I like Sundays. Twas a good day today. I wasn't tired. I was awake till 2 or so last night. I couldn't sleep. I can't sleep much these days. I think too much. Damn thinking. But as I said I wasn't tired. That was good.

The morning group was fun. I always like them kids. There was a guy there who was in year 7 and lived in Hornsby. I bought some malteasers off him. We had small groups and my guys had chats with me. I like small groups.

We had a bbq after church. I had honey soy kababs. They weren't too bad. I cooked them myself. On the barbie. Felt like a real man. Good old Aussie barbie. If I had me Fosters in my hand it would have been fine. (I went to a church in Hervey Bay where they all stood around and drank VBs. I was quite impressed. I thought we should do it more often. If only I liked beer.) Helen and I discussed making a video for Black Stump. It would probably be a film clip. Some cheesy pop thing, with pop dancers. That would be so cool. I'd geek out. I'd make sure I got a stedi-cam for that. I'd train up and everything.

In the afternoon we planned our camp which is on in two weeks (that really sucks, I'm so un-prepared), and I had a Bible study with my year 7 guys. It was on 1 Corinthians 15:20-28. I discovered that it was a difficult passage to do with people in year seven. A lot theology to go with it. We had fun though. Afterward we played soccer in the kindy hall and I grazed my arm on the wall and lost badly. Twas fun.

Tonight in church we had a panel and I was a panelest. It was fun. I got asked why God invented mozzies and if every one had a guardian angel. It was kinda fun. People gave good answers. One girl gave her testimony tonight, it was very good to hear. Very encouraging. I think we should share our stories in Church more often. We are there as a community.

After church was the usual Maccas trip. We went because Jill came home from England. I had only met her once before, but she was really friendly to me. I was impressed. I wouldn't be friendly to someone I had only met once. Well I would, but not familiar friendly.

One of the year 9 guys told me at maccas that I wear daggy clothes. I agree with him in many cases (I'm wearing a $10 K-mart job jumper at the moment) but I had to act offended.

My Red Noodle shirt is cool. My Ten News shirt is daggy. But it's extreamly cool too. This jumper is daggy. That's it.