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Tonight I'm going to see Proof at the Opera House. I always like going to the Opera House because I get to sit inside an international icon and that's cool. Kinda like catching the train, or driving, across the harbour bridge.

Tonight is going to be the first thing I have done with people from church, outside of church. That's kinda exciting. Phil and Guin are going and I think they are really cool.

On Sunday night we (Phil, Guin and I) sat in Maccas till late talking about church and the Bible and stuff like that. They really like the Bible, and so do I. I guess that's what happens when you get Bible college students together. The Maccas staff turned some of the lights off and we kept talking. Then they turned the music up really loud and we decided that it was a cue for us to leave. The staff didn't know we were there and had locked the doors. They let us out though.

Anyway, I need to find a jumper to wear tonight. I might borrow Tinku's. I did get a new one from college, but I'm not a big fan of it. I bought it because I wanted like a college memento, rather then because I liked it as a jumper.

I bought a Daytripper train ticket today. It means I can catch the train as much as I like today, as well as ferry and bus. It's kinda fun. I figured I'd save $3.60 so I got it.