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I'm at work listening to Luke Vassella. He's very good. I really like his music. So honest. So real.

I've finished all my work for today. I'm usually not this finished till about 10pm on a Friday night, but things are good at the moment.

In our lunch time group at school today I didn't expect many kids so I just read them this story. There were only two guys there. I think they liked the story. I like stories. We had a chat about what was worthwhile giving your life to and what people tended to give their life to. I always enjoy reading stories. For six months in Sunday School in 2001 I read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and we ate cake. That was very good because I like cake. I don't think we really learnt anything though. We never finished the book. Oh well. Cake and stories. Who needs the Bible? We did pray. I remember that.