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Update, update, update.

I just felt like writing that.

Proof was pretty good. Nothing was amazing. Except perhaps the set, that was really cool. Everything else was fine I thought, not crash hot, but fine. And it was very watchable. That was nice. Very easy to watch and it didn't feel long. I didn't have to think too much. I guess if they put a Hollywood drama onstage that play would be it.

I caught the train in with Helen. We discussed colleges, and drama and the like. I like Helen, she's a good chap.

During the play I was sitting there at the beginning and I thought I heard someone listening to their walkman. I thought that's very rude to have your walkman on during a play. Then I realised the noise was coming from my pocket. My mini-disk was playing U2. I don't think anyone else heard it, but I was very embarrased.

Most enjoyable moments of the night was the guy sitting in front of the girls. When they sat down he decided to start chatting to them, asking them why they were coming to the theatre, were they actors, he was an actor. That sort of thing. The rest of us noticed and exchanged amused comments. I was sitting next to Chris and James. They were both enjoying the spectical.

During the interval Mr Smooth Operator managed to have more of a chat about, not sure what. More amused commenting from the guys.

End of the show, this guy has gone in for the kill. He's leaning right over. Decided to focus his attention on just one of the girls. He's telling her he's got a play coming up, would she like to come along.

He asks for her number but she offers to take his so she can call him if she decides to go. All the people around her are supporting her, so she's not alone with Mr Leather Jacket Cool. He's taking no notice of anyone else. We're having a great time. I'm most amused, I'm watching a wonderful attempted pick-up in progress. I guess I don't get to see much picking up done, and I don't do any myself, so I was facinated.

When the number has been taken down he leaves, and we all file off.

Out in the foyer I also tried my luck asked her if she'd come and see my school play. I was playing a tree.

People laughed. That was good. He provided us with entertainment, and what do you go to the theatre for but to be entertained.

Post that, I tried to show Phil the cool jumpy thing at the Opera House carpark, but that failed miserably. There wasn't enough light so there was no fright factor. Then I caught the train to Roseville with Helen and Sal and discussed our Black Stump performance plans which are starting to look like fun. At Roseville Helen had ankle problems on the step, which made me feel quite helpless, but she survived, so that was good. Sal then gave me a life to my home, which was pleasant but I don't think we talked about anything of consequence.

And that was my first ever outing with church people and I continue to think they are all pretty cool.