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On camp I showed everyone the animal game. The game consists of sitting with everyone as a designated animal. To play the game people make the noise and action of their animal and the noise and sound of another player's animal. That player makes their noise and action then the noise and action of another animal, passing it around the group. It's a very silly game and everybody loved it. They loved it so much they wanted to play it over lunch. So over lunch on Sunday we found ourselves playing the animal game. Through the window I could see the other group that was at the camp sight at the same time as we were. They were having an extreamly charismatic prayer meeting. People crying, rocking, shouting, and doing various other things. It was a very interesting contrast to watch especially not being able to hear anything going on in the other group. One group playing the animal game. One group going full on in the Spirit. It was kinda like watching "Once Were Warriors" with no sound and the Wiggles playing. Maybe that's not the best analogy, but that's all I can think of at the moment.