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Yesterday (and today because it still is today, really)

I took today off. I slept in till 11. I had a slow start then ate some lunch with David. When we parted I went shopping for boxers and socks. How satisfying is that. I got three pairs of boxers. One silver pair, a stripy blue pair, and Superman pair. I'm so excited. You feel good wearing cool boxers. My map of Sydney ones were the best, but the elastic is gone in them now.

I met Anmol later on and had cheesecake with him. It was his birthday and I said "Happy Birthday". Happy Birthday Anmol. We chatted for awhile. It was good.

Tonight was spent with Tim. We had some dinner in Gordon, then went to the movies in Chatswood. Watched Shattered Glass that was a good film. It inspired me to be a person of integrity and to make right decisions, not popular ones.

I think I would like to buy a new t-shirt or two.