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I thought I might take this opportunity to blog from college. I'm back, which is a little strange. I feel like I'm in one of those dreams where you have to go back to school even though you've left. It's a little disconcerting. At least I know that I chose to be here, no one is forcing me.

I'm doing the Children's Ministry Skills Intensive. That's pretty crazy. I keep having to do things which I don't want to. Yesterday was "Music, Games and Craft" all three of which had a practical component and all three of which freaked me out completely. I don't want to be singing songs, and doing craft. I had to make a little pom-pom/pipe cleaner lead-pencil man. When she said "Craft" all my most terrible childhood memories of failed creative projects came back to me. Paddle-pop stick creations, and paper mache people, all just turning into a horrid mess. One of my most traumatic memories of primary school is when in Year 6 they brought in a special helper for me to cut out a paper circle, they didn't feel that was within my skill level.

So here I am, learning to teach children stuff. Ohmigoodness! I love children, but I'm happy to leave them in Sunday School till they are too cool to put actions to their music.

Today we did drama, which I was a little happier with, but still, it scares me. I can't wait till next year. That Children's intensive should be better. I hear they spent all morning debating covenantial theology. No practical what-so-ever. How nice does that sound?