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I'm home and life's going very fast.

I would love to give me to the full catch up, but I'm getting up in the morning at 5 to go running, so damn early. Then it's off to college for a new year, even though I left. But I'm back. Back to get more letters, or at least get some letters. I may never get my letters.

The weekend was really good. Leader's weekend in Avalon, with a fantastic view. It's nice spending time with leaders. Often when I think of the people who I lead, and I get really proud. Like a proud father in a little way perhaps. It's really nice. I know they are all about around a year younger than me, so I'm not quite the right age to be their father. But hey, they're great people and I love em all. Even the new ones.

God's done good things in the youth ministry. And will do more.

He's done good things in general.

Tom Clancy on the other hand...

Red Rabbit is pretty poor and I'm normally a Tom fan.