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I feel like I have a lot to write. A lot of catching up to do. Right now I really feel like eating something (I'd love a Tim Tam) but I've already done my teeth, and I can't be bothered doing them again.

Well here goes. I'll try and be quick. My weekend on speed.


We had youth group at night. It was good fun. 23 kids in years 6-8 playing with food. They had a food fight during dinner, very fun to watch. I love seeing them have fun. Throwing food, doing memorable stuff, tipping Sprite down some other kid's back. Fantastic. I made them all clean it up too. Perhaps they weren't as impressed with that, but alas, it must be done.

Kaye organised a game where people had to lie on the ground and another person stood on a chair above them and tried to pour a cup of golden syrup into their mouth. It was very funny to watch, people throwing up, and getting their eyes stuck shut. One of the girls didn't want to play the second round so I had to take her spot. I had to lie down and get the syrup. My partner wasn't a bad shot, which meant that I had a mouth full of golden syrup. That made it difficult to breath, and hard to swallow. I also managed to get sufficiently covered in Syrup. The kid on the chair next to me didn't see the need to try and get the syrup in his partners mouth and poured his cup all over my legs. Lovely.

After cleaning up and having a shower in the church centre (scary experience, no lock, no light, neglected shower, and a terrible fear of creepy crawlies) I went over to Mil's to sit around and talk with Mil, Ryan, David and Howie. Stella joined us for a bit too. Very pleasant end to an evening.


Yesterday I got a new phone. It takes pictures. Who needs a phone that takes crappy little pictures? Not me, but I got it because it costs the same, and I thought it would be fun. Really though, it's a bit of a waste.

I went to a drama workshop and heard things about characterisation. It was a good one. Delle taught it and see did good. I'm a fan of Delle.

The evening consisted of trip to Anmol's party. That was good fun. I like Anmol, and his parents are great. So nice. The party had old school people there who I had very little conversation with. I tried to meet some new people from Anmol's tafe but I didn't manage to crack the circle for long. Only long enough to learn names and suburbs.

We were the last to leave.


Today has been like any other Sunday.

We did kindness projects in youth group today. That went really well. The kids had fun. We washed a blue Commodore, and some Scottish people's windows. They were very friendly. Everyone wanted to give us money, but our young ones were very good and refusing.

As a result of kindness projects I got excited about telling the community about Jesus.

After Church many young people went to Dee Why to hang out. I got to hang out with some people I don't usually get to hang with. The evening ended with Jo, Helen, Kaye, Rachel and I. I made a few bad comments. I think perhaps I didn't come out sounding too good, but much laughter was had. We sat one a blog of concrete by the ocean. It was very nice. It rained for about an hour, and we all got wet. But it was worth doing. I enjoyed myself.

I came home and put on trackies. How wonderful are trackies?