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So I went on a houseparty.

It was good. All about the Body of Christ stuff. As Rachel commented, I am also now a bit sick of body parts. Every thing was about the way the Church is like the body and we all fill different roles. I was challenged to be a better member of the body, rejoice in the community more. I had a good time. I met lots of good people. And I got to know people better. I sat with a bunch of old women for lunch on Saturday. I was the only male at the table for a while. It was great. How good are old women. Two of them started having an argument. It was a bit uncomfortable but it seemed like only the sort of argument that only people who love each other a lot can have. One of them told me off for the messiness of the youth but apart from that they were all very nice to me. Treated me like a grandson. Nice to have a 6 grandmothers for a lunchtime.

I hung out with the young people a bit. They were good quality. They are good quality. I'm happy being a youth minister with such fantastic youth. Last night they wanted to stay up late and flirt and make lots of noise. We allowed this, but I had to be on patrol and stop the guys going into the girls cabins. I also had to call a few of them down off the roof after I disappeared for a while to do my teeth or something. One of them told me I was like a teacher on school camp spying on them to make sure they didn't do anything wrong. That was a shame. I never want to be like a teacher. But sometimes you have to be a little responsible.

I had a long discussion with one of the boys about the ethics and theology of not allowing people of different genders in the same sleeping quarters. I think I have to think about that some more, because I'm sure it's going to be a discussion that is often had in my career. The discussion moved onto a good discussion of Christianity and homosexuality. At 12:01am I sent them all to bed.

The food wasn't too bad, but I would have liked more of it.

The traveling was fun. My passengers were a good lot, and out Hungry Jacks stop on the way up was most enjoyable.

I'm sure there are other things to say but I can't think of them.