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"Don't fear your family, because you chose them a long time before your birth." - Michael Franti

Yesterday was a good day. I thought I should blog about it last night, but now I think about it I can't remember what happened.

Oh yes I have recall.

I got up at my usual college time of 5:30. Or at least that was the time I aimed for. I was in the shower by 5:50 so that's not too bad. While in the shower I had a sudden terrible thought that perhaps I was teaching my first scripture class. This thought tormented me to the point where after checking anything I thought I had at home which might tell me the day I started scripture, I decided I would have to drive to work and have a look at the letter that I had left there.

So I got in the car and left my home at 6:20, too damn early to be driving to work. On arrival there I discovered that I wasn't teaching till next week so I hopped back in the car, drove to Hornsby station can got on my usual train to college.

College was a bit better. We did drama again, but I liked this session more. The teacher had some good ideas, and got us doing a bit of improv. Always my favourite.

I had the thought that if there was any sporting team I would like to join it would be theatre sports. I wonder if they have any of them out there.

After class I tried to sort out my life. I had the brilliant idea that I could get a lift to church from Zoe, the friendly first year, who passes by on her way home. And then a lift home, and never have to see Hornsby in between, thus saving an hour and getting lots of work done.

That didn't happen so I ended getting a lift to Gordon and trained it to Hornsby, then drove to church arriving in time for meeting of those doing drama stuff this year. This was followed by a massively female abundant (Matt was the only other guy there) creative meeting to plan project work for this year at church (Are women just more likely to be creative than men? Or is it just "un-masculine" to be creative?). It was a good meeting. Got my brain buzzing. Now I'm on the look out for thoughts and ideas that could perhaps evolve into a film. Should be fun.

After the meeting and dropping Louise, Matt, Jill and Sal home, I met some (Jo, David, Howie and Ryan) at Scary Park to play some night frisbee. It is good to play frisbee. It seems to make conversation easier. Not any better, but there's something to do when no-ones talking. I really like the green light of the frisbee.

Dinner was had at midnight, at Magic Kebab, then it was back to land of my work to drop Jo home. For my third time that day, it wasn't a bad trip at all. David and Howie kept me company.

And that was my day. I'm not sure if it really should be recorded. It's probably of little importance in the big scheme of things. But the internet is so good that everyman and his canine friend can publish. And so I will add another day to the history of me, that will be forever on record to be poured over by historians in days to come and all my crazy stalker fans.

"All's well that ends well"