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I got up at 8:46am very excited about the day's coming Pie Fight. The joy that would be had throwing cream and foil trays at each other. I picked my clothes carefully (my Hawaiian shirt and old SMP shorts), packed the car, then picked David up then headed of to pick ourselves a fight.

We were the first to arrive at Jo's but were quickly followed by Lauren, Kaye, Helen and one of Jo's friends who's name I think I remember but I don't want to write it because it might be wrong. James was also there. We prepared our pies. We put huge amounts of Dairy Whip in our pie bases and foil trays. One can of Dairy Whip did about two and a half pies.

Two more of Jo's friends arrived (I think perhaps they were called Claire and Brendan) followed by Keith. And so we had our inaugural 11. Jo and I tried to get some order going so that we could do this pie fight properly. We all grabbed a pie and met in the middle between two tables laden with cream pies. Jo attempted to organise us into two lines back to back so that we could take three paces then turn and throw. But Keith got a bit over excited and jumped the gun throwing his strawberry cheesecake at close range into the side of Helen's head, causing the only injury of the pie fight (trust Keith), and beginning the first ever Pie Fight. From that point it was on. I threw my first pie and it hit Jo's friend squarely in the arm causing a satisfying splat. And after that I have no real memory except there was about 30 frenzied seconds of cream, tins, screams and laughter going everywhere. Someone put a pie on my head, and I got cheesecake on my face which was a pleasant surprise when I licked my lips.

It quickly calmed down, and when the cream cleared, we were all covered in it. It was great. There was a small amount of sporadic firing as people picked up old pies of the ground, and cream off their faces and threw them about. But two minutes after it had started, the fighting had ended. It was a cream massacre. Fantastic. We all hosed the major cream off ourselves but I was unable to wipe the smile off my face for about and hour.

I had a shower at Jo's then some of us headed to Macca's for the post-fight meal. We went to visit Beck and Sal in the bakery who quickly informed us all that we stunk of off-cream. It was true.

The rest of the day involved a trip to Riverstone with David to fix my Aunties computer (it was very hot, Riverstone was) and lots of oven cooked frozen food for dinner with a dvd. What a lovely day.