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Two Questions...

Why do the cowboys across the street, who drive utes that they call "rum tonners" need to put their big, orange flashing, council worker lights on when driving up their driveway?

Why does Hillsong need to put out a Christian business directory?

The second one concerns me more than the first one. I think it's silly to use one business over another because of the faith of the owner (except perhaps if you're looking for a "worshipping community"). I mean, at the very least, or perhaps at the most, using non-Christians means there's more evangelism opportunities ("Excuse me would you like to fix my car? Do you reckon you could find out what that rattle is? Have you met Jesus as your Lord and saviour?") I would say you should use the best people for the job. Having a faith in Jesus may not mean you'll be any better at your occupation. Christians can hide themselves from the rest of the world too much.