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I bought another new cd today. Oops. But it was Norah Jones' new one, Feels Like Home, and we all know how I feel about Norah. It's going alright at the moment. Track 10's sounding pretty good.

As I was walking into Borders to purchase Ms Jones, I noticed the "Full Time Positions Available" sign which made me think of Lesley. So I pulled out my phone to see if she wanted to hang out with me tonight. Unfortunately she's busy so I might see if I can find something else to do tonight. My Mum just came in and told me that we're just having salad for dinner. And as grateful as I am for my juicy greens, reds and oranges, going out is sounding more appealing. Maybe I'll take myself on an adventure, go start a fight and rescue a beauty. Probably not though.

Within college today we learnt about drawing stories. It was a pretty easy day. This intensive isn't taxing my brain too much. I'm not much good at drawing though, and I found it difficult to not to tune out. But having pencils and blank paper in front of me helped the time pass quickly. I ended up writing nonsense on a piece paper in little writing, like I used to do in art in year 10 because I was no good at art. It was like a blog in pencil, on paper, written really small, and not worth sticking on the internet (not that this is).

I slept on the train and sweated. I tried to avoid the shiny sweat marks left on the seat by the person before me.