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So here I am at David's work because Telstra have still killed the internet.

We just ordered some stuff to fatten up my already fat computer. Now it's going to have 360GB of hard drive space. I may get lost in it all. (David would like to point out that that's over a third of a terabyte.) Pow!

I'm having a day off today. It's my first one since, um, 26th Jan. And that wasn't all that relaxing. So I'm not sure when my last relaxing day off was. But today is one. Today is off. Ahh. I made all my phone calls last night in a flurry of stress.

I also had "bonding time" with Dad last night. I was trying to figure out what to do with my night and realised that Dad was going to be at home all alone. So I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me. We got pizza and watched Bad Eggs. Was a silly film. But I enjoyed hanging out with Dad. My eyes grew heavy and my head ached, and I went to bed looking forward to not waking up. I did wake up early though and panicked because my alarm hadn't gone off. No worry though, I'm having a day off.

Today has had a food court visit and now this internet time. It's good to be connected to the world even when the evil telecommunications company tries to stop you.