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It's been very hard for me to talk about what I need to talk about. Namely the past four days. But now I'm going to try.


This day was a good one. I can't remember if I was tired. Probably was. I went for a run with Ryan we ran around Asquith and Mt Colah. Managed to avoid hills almost the whole run. What a great way to run.

Kaye and I went to the high school for the our first proper lunch time group. Five kids turned up. We played with pegs, talked about ourselves, and ran out of time. It was good fun, I like those kids.

Small group was had too. The first proper small group. I had eight year 7 and 8 guys, they were lots of fun. We laughed a lot and they joked about farts, circumcision and genitals. They were very talkative but it was good.

I met David afterwards and we went to Westfield to look at the big, LED board in Greater Union. It told us our options for evening entertainment. We had around an hour to kill so we headed to Coles to buy our supplies for the pie fight.

The Coles Checkout Chick was suspicious of us buying so much Dairy Whip. We assured her it was for a pie fight, she thought we were crazy and apologised for having dirty thoughts. I told her the pie fight would be fun. She berated us for spending $40 on a pie fight when us two strapping 20-year-old men (I forgot my age) should be spending the money on our Valentines. I told her we'd let her know how the pie fight went.

Lesley joined us later and we all headed into Cinema four to watch Stuck on You. What a great film. Very funny film. I loved it. I giggled often. It's good to laugh in the cinema. I reckon it's the best film I've seen this year, followed closely by Big Fish, that was magical. The Farrelly Brothers seem to like making films with people with disabilities in them. Good stuff. Maybe they'll put Hannah in a film.

I went home after that I would say. And I probably went to bed.