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All the freaky the people make the beauty of the world - Michael Franti

I thought I might blog. I don’t have internet at the moment so I’ll have to back date it. No matter. I’ve stuck the date and time at the top of this lovely word document so I don’t deceive anyone.

I’m so dependant on the internet. I have e-mails to send, but they're not going anywhere. And I have blogs to read, but where are they? My computer seems useless without the internet. I guess I could make a Powerpoint presentation. But there is no need for that at this stage of life.

Today was my first scripture lesson with the year fives. I was a bit scared. I thought they might tear me to pieces and I might be too timid to tell them to stop. I turned up and got a badge. It said my name was Mr French. I got introduced to the class as Mr French, and I decided to maintain the Mr French persona, because every other teacher there, scripture teachers included, is Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms. I didn’t think I should undermine their “coolness” by calling myself “Tom”.

The kids were good to me. I told a few to sit down, and a few to stop talking, and things like that. I think I was firm enough, but they were nice to me. We played a game they liked where they decided if a statement I made about Jesus was true or false. The game took longer than planned and the bell went while we were playing. But they said they wanted to stay after the bell. That was cool.

I went to college after that. I left school, hopped in my van and sped off. Always wanted to do that. Shame I’m in neither primary nor high school.

There were puppets at college which were fun while I did them. I did a short play about the lost coin with an old woman puppet. I was told it was good but the jokes were all a bit old for a kids show. Probably true, how many kids think jokes about supermodels and anorexia are funny? But I was playing to an older audience.

I had a sleep this afternoon. Energised me to make all my phone calls.

It’s raining.

I like rain.