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"Up Ya' Westfield!"

I went to the movies tonight with three friends at Hornsby Westfield. He He.

We went and saw Tears of the Sun. It was an interesting film. Very distressing at times. Very confronting and un-comfortable. But at other times it was good old American shoot 'em up. There was one terrible line where the black soldier, when asked if he was willing to risk his life for the African refugees said something like "I can't leave these people, because these people are my people. This land is my heritage." or something worse than that. Made me laugh a lot.

After the film we headed out of the cinema and did the film debrief. As we got to the bottom of the escalators from Greater Union I noticed some flashing blue lights and people running through the mall. I thought "Ooo this could be some excitement" and ran over to the window of the over pass to look down upon the water clock and it idyllic surroundings.

Down below there was nothing much of excitement. A few people standing around, a cleaner, a car driving through the mall, and a couple of Westfield security guards. Nothing unusual for 11:45pm on a Tuesday night. My three friends caught me up. One of them ran up to the couch in front of the window and jumped up onto it and started jumping up and down and waving. She then climbed onto the back of the couch and started tapping on the window or something to the people down below (I'm not fully sure what happened because I wasn't standing close enough). I looked down and saw the two security guards look up. They started to move towards the entrance.

"Ok, it's time to go now" said I.

We started to move towards the exit. My jumping friend started looking for another exit. One where there were no security guards. The rest of us encouraged her not to worry. We caught the escalators down and a security guard was moving towards us on the bottom floor. My friend tried to hide behind me. Realising that perhaps I am not yet quite well built enough to hide people behind me, I thought honesty was the best approach.

"She's behind me" I said to the security guard as we neared each other.

"You know it doesn't bother me. You're the ones who have to worry. That was all on security camera"

"Ooh, I'm on candid camera!" said my hiding friend

"They'll know next time you come here"

"Oh ok" I think I may have said.

We kept walking towards the corridor exit next to General Pants. My jumping friend went a head of us, and much quicker, filled with mirth (I think that means she was laughing a lot). I was trying to put up my friendly, responsible, youth minister air and not walk away too fast as that would be rude to the security guard. As the rest of us got to the corridor the security guard said something that we didn't quite catch.

"Sorry?" Three of us, who were not offenders and were not nearly as far down the corridor turned back.

"You know you guys just think this is a big joke. How would you like it if I came around to your house and started destroying your stuff?" I don't think he felt his security camera call had got to us enough.

I wanted to reply with "We don't live in a Westfield and neither do you" but held my tongue thinking that wasn't a good thing to say. I don't think we said anything. I continued to try and look friendly.

"You just don't care do you?" And with that he walked away. (This may not have been his last line but it was something like that)

"Ok, sorry." We replied "Have a good night"

And with that we left Westfield.