9/14/2003 03:37:00 pm

Bono's Foreword

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I was thinking the other night about writing a book. I thought "That'd be fun". Although I don't think I'd have anything to write about.

I decided it would be a book call something like "12: Twelve topics from Tom". Then I'd get family, friends, leaders, followers and strangers, to give me 12 different topics, and I'd write about them. The book would have twelve chapters. And an introduction by some famous theologian like John Stott or J.I. Packer. Or perhaps, someone more diverse, because it wouldn't be a theology book. Bono maybe. Yeah, Bono would write it. And it would be sold at Koorong, and ordered at K-mart.


All I have is a red gutair, three chords and the truth. - U2

Yeah. Bono's introduction might look something like this:

Aye, my good friend Tom. He's written a book.

I remember back a few years ago on a hot August morning (cold August night for Tom), I was eating my breakfast at the computer, eggs and toast, Ali cooked it for me. I was reading Tom's blog and I thought, "If this little bugger ever writes a book, I'm going to call him a self-indugent little prat." So I rang him then and there and told him. "If you ever write a book, I'll officially declare you a self-indulgent little prat."

He said "You're already a self-indulgent prat Bono, why can't I join the fun?"

I had to pay that, so now I'll let him join the ranks.

And then he'd probably quote the Message, because he likes the Message.

If I wrote a book it'd be like a paper version of my blog. Just longer, and less "day to day". And we don't need that in the world.

A found a verse in Ecclesiastes when I was preparing that I thought was worth putting on a blog:

The more the words,
the less the meaning,
and how does that profit anyone?

Ecclesiates 6:11

I might make that the thing on the said that says "Hold on everybody, it's Tom time!".

Irony, how we love irony.