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It's been so long since I've properly blogged. Probably because I've been full on TOOBSC-ing since Tuesday night.

But I don't really feel like doing a big sum up.

Highlights of the week:

-Filming on Wednesday with Matt. Good stuff got. God provided. Low stress. Was fun.
-Steve Bevis on Wednesday. Fun outing. Much sillyness. Steve and his boys sounded the bomb. Wore a t-shirt till 3am.
-Making music with Matt and Chris. Progress made. Song sounding good.
-Youth group. Did a simulation of the Prodigal son with Louise stealing $13,000, convinced the kids that it was real. Then got Louise to arrive at youth group and we threw her a party. Some kids got very angry at Louise. I felt bad for lying. But we appologised at the end. 5 kids said they wanted to become Christians.