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I'm about to go to sleep because I've been falling alseep all day.

It was pointed out to me today that when I said "God, I wanted to be a film maker!" it could be seen as rude to those people who attend my youth group.

To clear that up, it was not my intention to say anything about the people who attend my youth group, or the people that help me run it. I think both the kids and the leaders are wonderful, and if I could spend all day hanging out with them, I'd have a great time.

I guess I get a little dismayed at my own lack of abilty to do youth ministry. Like when I said I felt like a fraud, it's the same feeling. At times I feel like someone's, or quite a few people have, made a mistake somewhere along the line, putting me where I am.

When I next preach (not sure when that is for those wondering, maybe September 28th) I'll probably be preaching on Christ's strength in our weakness. It's a funny topic because I spend much of my life feeling weak. I guess it's something I have to learn about, and that's why I want to preach on it. Some say the preacher gets more out of a sermon than anyone who hears it.

Anyway, I need to trust God is working in my ministry. God's bigger than my mistakes, inabilities, and my successes. It's God's youth ministry not mine anyway. His problem not mine.

And may I just say, that I think there are many places where God is blessing the youth ministry. Even on Fridays when I find things difficult. He's good like that. We had 25 kids at the morning group this morning, and it was really cool. Even if it was slightly crazy. And I had a good D-team today with 2 guys. I don't think things are falling in a heap. He's a good God.

Actually, God is blessing the whole ministry. You know, because He's strong when we're weak. Yay!