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Howie posted his list of things which are "for chumps". I told him something negative about it. Something like it was a bit depressing. Or something about complaining. I'm not sure. I know he called me a "bloody idiot" afterwards.

Then he posted his list of things which are the bomb. As I complained about his last one, I thought I might endorse this one. I also wanted to make a comment on it but there are no comments on his blog. So I'll just post it here and comment on the whole thing.

coke - Agreed. Agreed. To the Max.

blackstump - Agreed. But I'd say Black Stump, because I'm a legalist and I like things to be right.

lasagne - Nah. It's alright, nothing special.

cinema - Fully agreed. The cinema gives me a reason to live. Not the only reason. Or the main reason. But its certainly a contributor for my desire to live life.

cherry ripe ice cream - Mmm. Its pretty good. Wouldn't make it on my list.

my blind hat - It was funny when you bought it.

bic intensity click pen - Nice to use, but I prefer my mechanical pencils. The posh ones that cost $10.

old Jamaica rum and rasin chocolate - Nope. Only when I'm really craving.

miller tripods - Yah. Yah. Love em. I'd hug 'em if I was that kind of guy.

the panel - Alright. Rather watch nothing though.

crowded house - Pretty damn good. Wouldn't make it on my list though.

counting crows - Definitely make it on my list. How good are the Crows?

U2 - WAAAHOOOO!!! Posh diddies! We love Bono. We Love The Edge. We love Adam. We Love Larry. Yay for U2!

"will you love me?" ( just testing to see if you're awake) - Damn right I'm awake! Why isn't this at the top of the list?

spaghetti bolognaise - Nope. Always takes me about 4 years to eat.

DVD - Yeah. Very cool. Except when you're trying to burn them, that's why I'm losing my hair I'll tell you. Not that I'm losing my hair.

Adobe premiere - Most of the time.

Ben thurley - He's pretty cool. I don't know him as well as Howie. But I like what I know.

Steve bevis - Beautiful Man.

Malcom - Nope. Was good to watch once.

Hot chips and gravy - From Charkies? Mmmm, yeah. And so many memories to go with that rich beauty of flavour. Wonderful.

Digital video - Yep. Tha' Bomb.

TEAR - Pretty good. Yep. I was just thinking about them last night, thinking "Good on them"

Fusion - Fusion is full of friendly people. And I don't hate Fusion, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Whiteboards - Good, because you can rub stuff off them. I always have a greater desire to use whiteboards that I have need to.

Manila folders - No. I like tray files. They're cool.

Sleep - Oh yes. So much so. I would love more.

girlfirend - Howie's or mine? I like Howie's. Her name's Jo, just so she's not just "girlfriend". She's good quality. Mine. Don't have one. If I did though, I reckon she'd be the bomb.

Nuggets - Depends which ones? Macca's? They're alright. McOz is better, but it depends on my emotional state. Frozen Woolies ones? Yeah. They're tops.

Shoes - Mine have holes, but I love em anyway. Till I get new ones at least.

New boxer shorts - Dad got me some from England with the Union Jack on them. Like I said, they're the sort of boxers you want to get dacked in.

Remote controls - Hmm. Not on my list. But good none the less.

Tangara's - Nope. Those silver express ones I catch on Tuesdays. Ahhh. Beauty on rails. Except for the ugly yellow-ness

Those self cleaning toilets in the city - Hours of fun!

Train tickets - Mild interest.

Road signs - When they stay where they should be they're generally boring. When they're in someone's bedroom their generally illegal, but much more interesting.

Mail - Kids love getting mail.

friends - I have not enough and too many. I love my friends. All of em. I'd like to see more of them. Except near Christmas and Birthdays, then they get expensive.

5.1 surround sound - Yeah. That's bomb like.

Video Ezy Mark - He's cool.

George Clooney - We love George.

Kings canyon - Umm. I have no idea where that is. I'm guessing it's around Uluru.

Curtains - Mine are kinda weird. The leftovers of when my room was the spare room. Red theatre ones are really cool though.

Fire wire - Agreed.

3CCD triple chip - So much bombness.

google - Yeah, I'll pay that.

acoustic guitars - If they're steel string. Nylon doesn't do it for me. Pianos are cool. I wish I could play both. And the drums.

bean bags - They're ok. Too noisy when you're trying to watch a film. The Thomas the Tank Engine one Priscilla gave me works well though.

baileys - Yeah. Good drink that. If I got drunk I'd get drunk on that.

kahlua - Good too. But not as good as Bailey's though. If I got drunk on Baileys, I'd drink that when the Baileys ran out. Or if there was no Baileys at the start I wouldn't pass up the offer.

hey hey its Saturday - Nope. Take it off the list now. Not my cup of tea. Nor should it be anyone else's

youth - Yeah. They're cool. They add much richness to my life.

Maccas - Adds very little richness to my life. But it's good. And the company's usually good too.

The food court - I stand by my statement that I've never had a good meal there. But it's always good times in the food court and I love it to bits.

The table of dreams - How cool is the Table of Dreams. More people should come to the Table of Dreams.

Woollies frozen food section - Yes, Yes, indeed! It's a wonderful place. I'm even willing to walk through sanitary napkin and nappy isles to get there.

Pizza - Not bad. Not the bomb though.

Majic kebab - Yeah. But I don't go visit enough.

Film sets - I love filmsets. I love em. Gives me shivers of excitement.

Outside broadcasts - Not as good as filmsets, but they are still fun.

By the way this is all just my opinion. I have no problem with Howie, or anyone else thinking these things are the bomb. Except maybe Hey, Hey, It's Saturday, that I just find offensive.