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I just woke up. I did Scripture Seminars again today. Another school. Another 350 kids. I think I've spoken to about 700 kids or so over the past week. That's a lot. Not that all of them were listening.

I did my talk 9 times all up. I'm very sick of it now. If I thought it was mediocre at the beginning I have no idea why anyone would want to listen to it now.

They were interesting seminars. They taught the kids about the evolution of Fatherhood since the Industrial Revolution. Not exactly what I'd talk about in a scripture seminar, but that's ok.

It was a good experience. I'd do it again. But I'm always struck with scripture seminars, that I want to see more of the kids. You see people once a term and then we go. It's not very good for building strong relationships. Good I guess for preaching the Gospel. Not too good for living out the Gospel. You can tell a true prophet by their fruits but when you see people one hour a season, you don't even get much of a chance to let them know what sort of fruit you grow, let along show them you grow it.

Anyway, I do like seminars, they are worthwhile. But we need more of them.