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I got a hair cut today. I decided today was the day. I assessed all the available days between here and Black Stump for haircuts, and I realised that today was the best day. Most money. Most avilablility. Most time for the initial "cutness" of my hair to grow out.

Problem being that today was also Howie's day of cut. That was a little sad. We went up together lamenting the fact that we were going together. We could see the "cute" labels coming. But it had to be done. So we did. We got similar but different hair cuts. I was hoping Howie was going to go for one of his more "crazy" cuts. Perhaps shave it all off again, but I knew that probably wouldn't happen. I would like to say that I have had "short back and sides" since year 8.

I think I always mention, everytime I get a hairy, how much I hate them. Hair cuts suck. I spend the first part of the day dreading it. The haircut feeling like I've made some horrible mistake. And the rest of the day feeling self-concious and short haired. The hair dresser asked if I wanted gel. I said "Yes" even though I don't like gel, I figure you have to have gel because haircuts are the one day in a season where I get "product" in my hair.

Anyway. I have short hair again now.

As Yudhana said to me on the train after a hair cut in year 10: "It'll grow out"