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How am I feeling at the moment?

I was up till 4am last night doing a DVD for Helen's major work. Before that I'd been at church for a dance party. Today I had the morning group to run, we did the tower of Babel. Today I was meant to write two 1000 word essays on Job and Ecclesiasties. I gave up.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. My brain isn't in the right space to writing essays. I decided to take a different option and do stuff that's due in in a month. The problem is that the stuff due in in a month is much harder. But I can't think about Old Testament wisdom literature at the moment. There's nothing coming out of my brain. Especcially when one of the questions has the word colophon in it.

So now I'm killing time. I could be reading my book. Or having a sleep. Or something. I'm blogging.

Being tried there's a chance that I'll talk about my feelings. I have none at the moment. It's only 3pm so it's a little early. I'd prefer to keep my feelings of my blog at times. But sometimes they just slip out.

I'm listening to The Elms at the moment. Yay for them.

I made a DVD. That's fun too. Now I'm having plans. Sparkly BeeVD perhaps?