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I went out walking, with a Bible and a gun

I went for a walk this afternoon. I wanted to go somewhere where I could plan my talk for Thursday. Do the, find somewhere private, talk in an American accent thing. I went down to the river with my Bible and wandered along looking for a place where I wouldn't be disturbed by Sutherland Shire dog walkers (there are a lot of them). I crossedthe creek that runs into the river and decided to keep walking along the river. But as I walked I spied a staircase.

"Ooo" I thought, "A staircase". So I climbed it. And kept climbing, then did some turning, and some more climbing. There was level walking and more climbing. 20 minutes later I'm still going. There are bike tracks now, and I ran into a local with her dog. I said "G'day" and kept walking.

Eventually through the trees I spied some lush green grass. An oval perhaps? But there were things on the oval. Were they tractors? No they weren't tractors. What were they? As I came through the trees I discovered what they were. They were graves. Hundreds of graves. Stretching on as far as my eye could see. I had reached Woronora Cemetary. Too far away from college. I wandered through the cemetary as I like those sorts of places. I found my way to the exit. I read the sign at the entrance and it told me there was no thoroughfare to the Woronora River and people found not complying would be prosecuted.

This was a problem. I didn't think I'd be caught, but I did have a crisis of conscience. I couldn't bring myself to walk back through the cemetary, now that I knew it was wrong, so I had to walk all the way back to college via boring, conventional routes. I still hadn't planned any of my talk.

Eventually on the driveway down to college I turned off and disappeared into the bush to find a private rock to preach the gospel to. I did that. And I met some ants. The preaching was very difficult. I really am not finding this passage easy. I'm praying a lot about this one.

Now I'm back though and I've drunk a mug of Milo. All's nice.