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Now for Sunday. Perhaps that's fresher.

I had a very stressful few hours. Trying to get the DVD burnt for The Opposite of Being Self-Centred. Worked from 6pm on Saturday trying to get everything done, up till 1:45pm today (Sunday, I'm still awake). The computer was being dodgy. I told David that everything would go wrong and then it would come good at the last minute. God would provide. And he did. But He was very last minute. I had to get David to come over to get the DVD burnt. I'd been trying for hours after many hassles and different programs, bad renders, blue screens of death. But I think I remained pretty calm, a bit stressed, but mainly calm. It's been good seeing God work on this film, so I figured He'd keep it up till the end. And yay for Him. And yay for David for being so helpful. He was my tech support all week. Fixing my computer. In contact with me all yesterday and today seeing how it was all going. Champ, that's what we call him.

At church we did a dress rehearsal of TOOBSC and it came off well. Quite messy, but it was good to see. David, Mum, Dad and Hannah arrived half way through to drop off the DVD and the DVD player, after David had got it working with his sweet whispering to the machine.

The credits I found out were missing people, and I spelt a last name wrong, and one person I gave completely the wrong last name. I'm not sure how I managed that.

Tonight we did TOOBSC in church and it was really good to see. It went really well. Seeing everything fit in. The dance, drama, video, it fitted nicely. Lots of talent went into that show. I'm especially fond of all the people that helped with the film (actors and crew). It makes me feel like we're all part of one big happy family.

The church liked the show too I think. Laughed in all the right places. I think we had the advantage of playing to a home crowd. I had almost two rows of visitors. Two girls from my youth group last week came to see it and I wasn't expecting them. That was really nice. And Anmol came. It was good to see him too. Plus the fam. Some extended.

I think this is all a little train of thought like. My brain isn't quite there.

After church a bunch of us went out to Manly for Sal's birthday (Happy Birthday, Sal!) which I didn't know was today, but that was good because I couldn't forget it. But that was fun. I sat around and had general useless conversation.

Graham and Liam from College came walking through Manly while I was there, which excited me. I said "G'day" and had general sillyness. Graham noticed I was wearing my "daggy" college jumper, which I refuse to wear at college. It was good to see them. I like Graham and Liam. Top blokes I say.

We stood around in the end of the car park and had a bit of "Tom Time" (I never really mean to have "Tom Time". I guess I just tell stories. Got it from me Mum I'd say. Oh well. As long as people stop listening to me when they don't want to.) I told everyone of my ordeals today and yesterday with the DVD. That wasn't a very interesting story. But I think I needed to get it out.

Drove home. Followed Sal as she dropped of Matt, Rachael, and Liz, so we could have a race to her house. She won. Beat me at the lights near her place. 10 seconds. We met outside her house, had a de-brief through car windows, and I drove home and spilt my Coke that I had bought in Manly.

Now I am home. And I think I might go to bed.

But I'd just like to thank, publicly, bloglicly, all the everyone who helped with, and inspired, and worried about, and prayed for The Opposite of Being Self-Centred. So many wonderful people in my world. It's made my day. God's made my day. And my life. Thanks God.