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Yay. I just read Jo's Blog and we got our show times at Black Stump. I think it's fully sick mate! TOOBSC gets two shows at posh times in a posh place. I love the Palladium, it's like the Big Top of arts.

Plus Hands and Trains gets two shows too which is like they've given us all we could ever ask for. Not that I have anything to do with Hands and Trains but I'm still happy for the general vibe of it all.

I got another bad sleep last night. Partly because I was awake for at least an hour thinking about how I'm going to edit TOOBSC and how it's all gonna fit together. I edited the montage last night (at around 11pm when I should have been asleep) and it's kinda fun. I've only done a rough edit but I think it'll work. If you were feeling a little emotional you may be tempted to cry. Not that that's the plan but I'm always up for a little tear shedding from the audience.

So yay. I'm happy.

Pressure is on now though.