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I've been sick haven't I?

It's kinda boring. The idea of lying around all day and sleeping and reading books and watching dvds always sounds good till you get sick. Then it's not all that pleasant.

I went to church this morning. Taught the kids about the trinity which is difficult at the best of times but I was feeling quite disconnected at the time. Kinda like everything was behind a glass booth and I spent all day walking around in my glass booth of flu-ness. Or something like that. We managed to get through the lesson and I think it may have gone alright. I don't know if the kids understood everything but hey, we made it through.

Then I went and had lunch with another youth minister from the area. We had scrambled eggs. I tried very hard to seem with it. I'm not sure if I fooled him, but I don't think he picked that I was sick. Probably just on drugs or something.

I got home at around 2 and slept till 5. I got very hot. And cold. I think I may have had, or still have, a temperature.

I just watched This is Spinal Tap. That's a good movie. I even laughed out loud a few times.

I should be at church at the moment but I'm on sick leave. That's a bit sad. I like church. I wish I was there.

Now I'll go hang out with my mum.