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And to continue the boredom...


The morning group was really good this week. Jo ran a good session on God's faithfulness. The kids learnt. I hope they had fun. And we didn't play any games. Yay for Jo.

I ate lunch with Helen, I had a burger.

Matt met me at church and we did a little bit more filming for the video clip. I don't think I'll use the stuff though because it looks like a cheap horror film. We'll probably have to shoot it again.

I had one kid turn up to d-teams but we did it anyway.

Rob and Tinku turned up to church. Did church.

After church I did the rounds. Told Jill an extrodinarily boring and usless story about her father driving behind me in Wahroongha. It was one of those moments where you realise the story you're telling is not worth telling but your halfway through. But laughs came out of it so that's ok.

Did the macca's thing and said something stupid to Tanya and Guin about swearing and Bible readings that made me sound like a terrible person who loves swearing and has no respect for the Bible.

Rob and I went home at the end.


I drove to various places around St Leonards dropping off lots of equipment from filming. I was worried about dropping off the Stedicam because we had lost a little bit of it which I couldn't describe properly (kinda, silver, triangular, little, screwy thing). When I told the people at Digihire they looked very concerned but they found it at the bottom of the case which made things good for me.

I arrived at college 3 hours after leaving home. How I hate peak hour traffic. I was late but that's ok.

I slept and watched the rushes. Things look good. I think we got some good stuff on Saturday.

At night we had a fireside with puppets. It was funny. It was like being a kid again. I wish we got puppets all the time.

One of the puppets made jokes about Peter Jenson. That's always good for a laugh at college.

James and I had a go at the puppets at the end. At one stage James told me he knew Kung Fu. I said I did too. I said "Go away! That's kung fu for piss...I mean go away". People laughed at that. I hope I didn't offend the puppet people. He said he was going to wash the puppet's mouth out.

I went to bed and had a wonderful sleep with my lovely doona and pillow which I brought from home. The good thing about driving.

Today I'm driving to Hazelbrook to drop off Steve's camera. I'll give Gus a lift home and perhaps Emily too. We might have a Macca's stop.