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I went and saw Down with Love today with my Grandpa. That was fun. He took me out for lunch and a movie. Very romantic, except not. The movie was good fun. It would have been so much fun to make that film. 60s cool all the way. The sets were wonderful. Costumes, ahhhh. Generally the Art Direction was very funny. It looked like a lot of fun. Do the 60s kitch thing. Ya Ya.

And don't we all love Ewan? (I was going to link to every recent compliment of Ewan in this blogging community here, but alas there are some bugs and the blogs are being dogish, so we'll leave it)

I would like to watch The Apostle some time soon. I went and saw that with sbevis way back on 14th July 1998 (the joys of a movie ticket collection). That was a fun night. We went to Broadway. I was a young year 10 boy. We went to a 4:10pm session so it was only really night when we travelled home. Must have gone after school. Or maybe I was on holidays. That sounds right. We caught an express train home and they had just introduced the "2 Security Guards on every train after 7pm", and they came through the train. I commented to Steve that they weren't very useful because they weren't allowed to do anything. They could only walk up and down. They just made people feel safe. And some bloke across the isle from us said something rude about them to us. Steve laughed politely and I probably did too, but I wasn't really sure how to respond because I don't think I wanted to be rude about the guards.

Anyway that's a tangent, I want to watch The Apostle again because I have been thinking about making a film about a pastor for a while. It may only be something that interests me, and I don't really have and intentions of actually making a film. Just thinking about it. I guess I like the idea of a spiritual leader going on a journey of struggle, and fall, and redemption. Someone who understands grace, and teaches grace, and believes in grace, and then experiences grace. Not that they wouldn't have experienced grace before, but even the big people of faith need to experience grace again and again. It might go the modern David and Bethsheba line. Although I don't think I'd want to actually have my main character having an affair. Perhaps just moving towards and very close to it.

I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. I guess the scene that has been stuck in my head is when the pastor confesses to his wife what's been going on, and then preaches that Sunday to the church and tells them something or other. And it'd all be really moving.

As I said I don't think I'll ever make it. But I'll think about it.