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Maybe it's time to talk about yesterday.

I think I would like to say that yesterday was another good day. It was a lovely day off.

I mananged to do very little for most of the day.

I had lunch with David.

I cooked meatballs at night (Mum cooked the first half and I finished them off). Mum, Jo, Tinku, Rob and I ate dinner together.

At dinner we made many silly jokes about balls. This moved onto a discussion about sperm. Sometimes silly jokes need to made about these sorts of things.

Then we had a Bible study which no-one prepared so I did it.

In the evening I caught the train with Rob and discussed the days events. We talked about how it was strange you can go one minute having a stupid conversation full of testical jokes to studying Philippians.

We got to Chatswood and waited for Jo and Sal to arrive. We were both in a silly mood, which is not unusual.

They arrived and we went and saw A Mighty Wind which was very funny. It had very little plot, but that didn't stop it. It still made us laugh. There was one other man in the cinema. I don't think he laughed at all. When we saw him leaving the cinema he looked like a nice man so it can't have been because he was mean that he didn't laugh. Maybe he thought it was a real documentry. If that's the case then he would have thought we were very rude laughing at all those poor people. I felt a bit like that after watching American Movie because I thought that was a mockumentry and it turned out it wasn't. Then I had spent the whole movie laughing at real people. That was a little bit of a worry.

At the end of the night the four of us did a lot of awkward standing around. People saying "Well then..." and "Soooo..." and things like that. I have my suspicions as to why this was, but I will not air them in cyberspace. It was discussed in the Rob in our post outing de-brief on the train on the way home.

When we were coming down the bush we noticed Tinku on the computer. We decided to scare him. We crept up to the window, out of his line of sight. Then on three we jumped out of the shadows and banged on the window.

"Ahhhhh! F*******! Piss Off! Sucks! Bastards!" or somthing like that was his response as he flew across to the opposite side of the room.

I think we woke Mum up. We always seem to do that. Sorry Mum.

Tinku, Rob and I are constantly finding ways to scare each other, but last night was tops.

I think we're all still good friends.