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Grandpa told me tonight that he gave the address of my blog to one of his friends. She read it and said to tell me that what I said about terrorism is "Bullshit".

Perhaps that is true. My blog is probably just a collection of it.

I'm not sure quite what the objection is to, but it's kinda cool. Only Ryan seems to get people saying that about his blog. And that was only in the good old days.

But if I can elaborate...

I think terrorism is effective because the amount of destruction caused by the terrorists has a huge impact for a relatively few deaths. I think that's what I've said before. Since September 11, there has been a shift in the way westerners, and perhaps everyone, see the world. There is more fear. There are no longer bins on Sydney train stations, because of fear. We get stupid fridge magnets in our letter boxes, because of fear. We look slyly at people of Middle Eastern, or Asian appearance, because of fear. The terrorists (with the help of their enemies) have managed to vilify whole racial groups of people, on either side. And because there is no particular army, anyone could be a terrorist. Anyone who's not an Anglo at least.

I think terrorism is effective because I've seen my world change, maybe only slightly, but change, and it's only been through around 5,000 deaths. Maybe less.

And on the flipside terrorism is now an excuse for any government to do whatever it wants. George W can invade various countries to fight terrorism. They can round up their Muslim citizens and make them get registered, because of terrorism. Saudi Arabia can round up, interrogate, and torture it's citizens, to fight terrorism. Australia can pass stupid laws to deprive the rights of it's citizens, to fight terrorism. Terrorism is the new buzz word. Terrorism is working wonders. The western world is setting itself up against the rest of it. The "Us and Them" mentality must have the terrorist organizations cheering. People are being forced to one side or the other, people who in the old days were much more likely to be neutral. The "Anti-US" sentiment, I would think, must now be much higher than is was before September 11. The anti-Islamic sentiment is going the same way.

So as I said, I think it sucks. I wish the US knew how to respond to terrorism with mercy and not "justice". I wish the terrorists knew how to respond to injustice with wisdom and not revenge. I think what terrorism has done, and the actions of the western world which has fueled it, is tragic.

Terrorism is having an effect. The world is changing. I wish it was for the better, but I'm sure it is not.

I don't know what I can do. But I won't let it bring out the worst in me. I will pray that I can act justly, love mercy and walk humbly, even when the rest of the world won't. Terrorism has affected me, by the grace of God it'll be for the better.